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Red wines

Vins rosés


Rosé wines


With Florence, my wife, my father and our team, we cultivate our vineyard and grow our grapes so that they give the best of themselves: a delicious juice for a unique wine. To get there, patience and length of time are virtues that nature imposes on us. This patience, which takes a lifetime, is the same as that which we have for our children: difficult to say, sometimes, who transforms who!

Influenced by the wind, often terrible here, burned by the August sun, sometimes tormented by extreme rainfall, but coddled by the mild spring and the harvest season, the grapes lead irreparably to a creation which is never neutral or soulless.

It is soaked with the One to whom everything tends and towards whom we raise the fruits of our labor. "The Spirit revives us: let us be led by the Spirit!" This is why we put it in the spotlight, He who is Sagesse (Wisdom), Intelligence, Conseil (Advice), Force (Strength), Connaissance (Knowledge) , Adoration and Piété (Devotion): these are the names of the seven vintages, named after the experience that each plot teaches us.

I like to define myself as a farmer, growing, aspiring, learning. By putting all his soul in his hands, his land, his grapes, his wine is like no other. It takes part of the identity of the one who shaped it. He is unique in his image. And just waiting for one thing: to be found out.


White wines


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