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D'Or de givre (Goldfrost)

For this overripe harvest, we used two very different plots of white grape varieties: The first is a plot of Gewurztraminer, fifteen years old. It is located on a ridge of clay and limestone. The second is a plot of Viognier, located on colluviums of the Plio-Quaternary. This clay-lime soil is particularly suitable for this.

The harvest of these two parcels is done (when autumn permits ...), between the end of October and the beginning of November, with overripe, “passerillés” (dried) and “botrytized” grapes.

Only the exceptional years are chosen. The grapes are harvested manually in crates. They are pressed immediately, with a light débourbage (clarification of the grape must).

Within two weeks, the fermentation process starts with the indigenous yeasts and lasts many months because of the large amount of sugar.

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