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Who are we ?

To be a winemaker is first of all the understanding that everything starts with the soil and the constant attention that is given to it, from pruning to harvesting. This wild nature, this rebellious land; we listen to it, we respect it, by minimizing the treatments, by preserving the biodiversity of the vineyard and by controlling the yields.

Maintaining a perfect balance between love of nature and wine growing technology, our wines perfectly express the typical character of our “terroir”. The white wines are full of fineness, the red wines are characterized by their elegance thanks to the manual “pigeage” (a gentle immersing of the grape skins during fermentation).

And even if our wines are remarkably regular, every vintage is a new challenge, a new passionate encounter.

To deliver ourselves from the world of appearances, to immerse ourselves in pleasure and pure sensations, this is our Credo!



Florence et René-Henry Guéry

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