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Château Guéry - Les Eolides


The wind is an essential element for us winegrowers; it shapes our wines as it determines our lives. In the first place a breeze on hot summer days, the dry “Cers” wind blows from the top of the “Montagne Noire” and impresses this cuvée by giving it its freshness and elegance. In 1875 César Frank, who was staying in Azille at this time, was fascinated by this wind. He composed a symphonic work: "Les Eolides". In this piece, expertly orchestrated, the harmony of the strings, percussions, wind instruments take us like this wine, in a powerful whirlwind, alternating strength and softness, just like the wind at the same time.

Grape variety : syrah (75%), grenache, mourvèdre. Throughout the year, these vines demand our constant attention, oriented entirely south, on a terroir of sandstone, marl, dry clay and limestone. The “Eraflage” (destemming) of the harvest, manually vinified; a stay of 14 months in French oak barrels, makes the Eolides bloom.


Château Guéry - Grès

This minervois, traditionally elaborated, grew on a marly ground whose sandstone is the mother rock. The soil, a precious and fragile element, stands the test of time. My ancestors passed on to me the cultural practices that allow it to be preserved. We named this cuvée “Grés” because it strongly expresses the soil that nourishes it. With a dominance of Grenache blended with Syrah and Mourvèdre, this Grés will surprise you with its coverage and complexity.

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